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Originally Posted by emtmark View Post
I'd like to send mine in for the same but was told they will modify the firing pin?
It's an older .357 that is pre lawsuit. I was also told I can undo what they did but lately my tinkering adventures have ended with less than favorable results.
Ruger used to include the "old parts" when going from 3 screw to transfer bar configuration. I'm not sure they still do that, I've read of people trying to track down original parts on the internet after being surprised the original parts weren't returned

My guess is years ago when Ruger policy was to return the "updated" gun and original parts some mo mo then went back to original configuration and shot off his big toe or some such thing. Ruger then had to deal with "well if you knew it was dangerous enough to warrant switching out, why'd you include the "bad" parts when you sent it back?"

I've used a convertible with the 9mm. Accuracy was lousy.
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