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Originally Posted by FredoSD View Post
Well it's in writing so I guess it's official now.
Izzy has it right I will be donating a hand made gun belt in your choice of color as long as it is black or some shade of tan.
The gun belt will be lined and will be your choice of a stiffener inserted to prevent sag or without a stiffener.
The belt will come with 7 holes vs. the average 5. This allows you to use the belt with a IWB or OWB holster.
You can and I suggest you send me the buckle you would like on the belt. If not you will be subjected to my fashion sense in buckle choice.
All *Star Leather USA* products are made by hand by me in America.
Turn around time from the time the winner contacts me with their belt measurement will be 2-3 weeks. It could be a lot less depending on my work load at the time.

Good luck to all of the shooters.

Here is how I measure belts, please use this system for correct fit.

"THANKS FREDO", that is a great prize. Thanks so much for your donation.
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