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Default Today, I defiled 4 rebuild kits.

Blocked 2 for my PX4 Storm and 2 for my AR-x39.

Right now the epoxy is hardening, and I am sad... Not just for the loss of these now enslaved magazines, but for the freedom that was taken from the free united states along with them. I was keeping these for trips when I leave the Peoples Republic of Kommifornistan, to the free states of Oregon and Washington. Now I will not be able to use them even there, and as such, they have joined my other lonely prisoners.

Rest In Peace. (I'll post pics and measurements for blocking x39 30 rd mags if anyone wants them)

By the way, I am still fighting, signing petitions and making calls, and planning on attending the march at the capitol on the 19th. We haven't lost everything yet.
My AR is 7.62x39, so that if/when we get invaded, I can shoot their ammo back at them!

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Where is this ammo "Black market" he speaks of? Do they have .223 in stock?
My Home-Made Recurve Bow Thread

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Kevin de Leon, on minority women and profiling.

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