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Originally Posted by halifax View Post
Only three dealers are willing to commit to doing something perfectly legal!!!!

Actually there are many more -- we just don't have time to read all of the activity going on within CalGuns -- one of my guys told me about this thread and I can say out loud right now we support and will support and have supported in the past -- we even give family members a copy of the form for the inside Kalifornia transfer and explain about the $19. This usually results in surprised looks and extreme happiness by both parties.

We have in the past done the out of state family transfer and agree that a letter from the family member makes the ATF happy -- not "required", but they like paperwork trails.

Send them our way and If and I MEAN IF they can show me they are a CALGUNS supporter I will do the whole transfer for $40 which includes the DROS fees --- better bring a printout


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