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Originally Posted by tenpercentfirearms View Post
No need for a PM. I am down. I will try and get some others too.

I take it we run it as a curio/relic/olympic/exempt transaction?

I think I will make a word document form that will help with this project.

Should we also encourage them to send it from their own address instead of a dealer? I know I would for it to also be sales tax exempt as well.

I don't have any blood, up and down the tree relatives out of state!
The first one I did a couple of years ago went like this:

Father in TX wanted to give his son in CA a couple of handguns his father had given him.

Called DOJ and talked with an agent at the Firearms Division (now BOF). The agent walked me through it.
  • Get a letter from the father explaining the circumstances.
  • Use the Curio/Relic/Olympic Pistol/Exempt section.
  • Type "SB15 Exempt" in the comments box.
  • Save all documentation.
Simple as that.

These handguns did come through a TX FFL because the father didn't want to deal with the shipping.

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