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Originally Posted by skunkbad View Post
Zero Cost Satisfaction! It doesn't happen on a Mac. I will say though, now that I can get a decent text editor (Sublime Text 2), the Mac has way more potential than it used to, although ST2 is not free.

Consider this; I just built a computer for my Mom. Nothing too fancy, but Gigabyte mobo, i3 processor, 1TB HDD, and 8GB RAM. Spent about $600.00 in hardware. O/S is under $100 for Windows 7 (I hate Windows 8), or could have used Ubuntu for free, but why can't I buy OSX Mountain Lion? Because it's BS is why. If I could buy the Mac O/S separately I'd be way more likely to turn fanboy. What are they scared of? Oh, that they might have to be compatible with a bunch of hardware? Apple insists their computers are the Shight compared to Windows, but it's like comparing apples and oranges (no pun intended).

Huh yeah you know I never looked into buying "just the OS" - then again, full disclosure : I'm not freelance / self ran studio. I'm a desk monkey and desk monkeys don't pay out of pocket for work software/hardware. I opt'd for a Mac last round of equipment replacements mostly for a change of scenery if nothing else. Also the Lightning ports aren't compatible with our meeting room projectors so I totally get out of screen sharing in meetings

I run PC @ home where costs are an issue (Vista 64 for gaming bc im a sadist that pays for his own OSs, Ubuntu (k) for once a week skills tuner i force upon myself) - for work, i figured id give a macbook a shot. No complaints yet really
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