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Originally Posted by skunkbad View Post
I'm just curious why you are switching to Mac? I ask because I have many computers (8 at my house, 4 at my business location), and by saying you are switching, it sounds like you intend to completely abandon Windows, which you may regret down the line.

My background is that I am a website dev. I use Windows, Mac, and Linux every day. Up until about 4 years ago I was using Windows exclusively, and bought the Mac mainly for display rendering for cross browser compatibility.

So, when I bought my Mac, I already had a bunch of Linux experience, which helped because I was pretty comfortable with the terminal. The downside (at the time) was that there was jack for free programs that I take for granted because I had been using Windows. Free programs like Notepad++ had no equivalent on Mac even when I tried buying one or two. Free server stacks like XAMPP and WAMP have Mac alternatives, but they suck, which was still more or less true when I checked a couple months ago. I could go on if you make me, but I think you get the point, I just wasn't really happy with the Mac. I couldn't switch. That doesn't mean I was going to throw the thing away, because I do use it for testing, but to me it was a hyped up product that didn't really deliver. Plus, all the BS about Macs not crashing is just plain wrong. I'd never really experienced any problems with my Windows computers, but the Mac is really a POS. Again, just my opinion.

I run tomcat, httpd, eclipse, a java portal, and mysql daily on my macbook.

It's not better or worse than what you would otherwise have on linux, its just a little bit of a pain in the *** to reconfigure user permissions to have everything setup to run like you would naturally get on a fresh linux deployment.

Only thing thus far im bitter about is lack of a good free subversion client. Versions was the best one I found (compatible with subversion 1.6.x+ ) and its a few bucks. I demand zero cost satisfaction
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