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I always employ the procedures Blackwater Ops suggested when I get pulled over. The last two times I was pulled over I was let go with a warning. No stickers, cases or gun accessories are ever visible in my vehicle. The subject of guns has never even come up after many years of driving and scores of stops. I usually keep an unloaded pistol locked inside a pistol case in the back of my hatchback (covered), with loaded mags stashed around the driver's compartment (No, not the glovebox). Although it would take agonizing minutes to get access to personal protection, it's the price I have to pay for allowing my State to become politically dominated by morons.
"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem. We can now fire in any direction and strike the enemy." ....Colonel Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, Commanding the 1st Marine Regiment at The Battle of The Chosin Reservoir, Korea 1950
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