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Default Ruger SR22, failure to eject on every mag w/ Winchester Xpert HV

I just got an SR22. Reading the web reviews I thought it could "eat anything."

I'm running low on my usual copper jacketed Federals, so I broke out a box of Winchester Xpert HV (lead HP bullet) and I got 2-3 FTE on almost every magazine. (That's a failure to eject.) It looked like the case was getting stuck in the chamber, but when I pried with my pocket knife it didn't appear to be stuck hard, it simply wasn't grabbed by the extractor.

I thought maybe the gun was just stiff, so I gave if the "lube it till it drips" treatment but it didn't help. The only thing that did help was to lube all the cases with Rem Oil prior to loading & shooting. That one thing seemed to make the gun almost 100% reliable.

I'm going to chalk it up to bad ammo, although my 15-22 like it, burped, and asked for more!

I noticed that the spent cases had shiny spots all over them, as if the chamber was a little rough. Just in case it wasn't only the ammo, I scrubbed the chamber with a brush coated w/ Flitz when I got home. I also honed the face of the hammer and applied some lube since I noticed it's the main source of resistance as the slide moves back after firing.

I also noticed that I couldn't force the extractor to grab the case by shoving the slide forward. The recess next to the chamber (into which the extractor fits when the slide is in battery) appears to prevent the extractor edge from going behind the the rim of the case! It is as if the only way the extractor will work is if the round was properly picked up when feeding from the magazine.

Anyone else see something similar with this gun?
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