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Originally Posted by EBR Works View Post
The gun would still need to be dimensionally compliant with 6" barrel and 10.5" OAL.
Correct. The one I'm hoping for has a 7.5" barrel. Someone mentioned just inserting spent casings with silicone and calling it a day. Would this suffice?

Originally Posted by 97F1504RAD View Post
Wouldn't converting it to a single action be the best way to get a revolver?
For a good majority of revolvers, but some aren't as easy as the S&Ws. This one for instance: Jim Hauff is a collector of H&Rs and wrote this to me:

"It can be converted to single action only - I've not done it nor am I a gunsmith, but if you remove or grind down the trigger lug projection it should be doable - you need to talk to a gunsmith about this. The H&R linkage allows one action to work if the other is disabled. The single action sear is the part that extends from the rear of the trigger guard as a small lever and is spring loaded to catch the sear notch on the hammer when that is cocked. The double action is a lug on the trigger that pushes the hammer back to achieve sear lock with the SA sear."

I've been told opening an H&R is more complicated that finding the G-spot.
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