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Originally Posted by Librarian View Post
and your route home follows the Mercalli IX zone, it seems best to have a couple things in your bag so you need not rely on foraging/buying on the way.

You play the odds your way, others play their ways.
I'll be the first to admit that I've probably over prepared. Hell, I just had $150 worth of Kerlix bandages delivered today. Added to my existing supply of bandages, I have enough for several blocks worth of victims. But the stuff people have in their GHBs borders on lunacy.

If the purpose of a GHB is to get home, then many people here are simply overloaded. To be honest, I too walked around with food and water until I realized how stupid it was. That stuff is heavy and food and water will not be an issue if you are just trying to walk back home.

The average person walks a little faster than 3 miles per hour. If you're 15 miles from home, that's 5 hours of walking. Even 30 miles away just means a long day of walking. Therefore, you won't need thousands of calories. You won't need to shoot squirrels with your survival rifle. You won't need portable stoves to cook said squirrel. You won't be camping out in people's front yards. You won't be so far from home that you need that solar charger. You won't be in so many gun battles that you need your gun cleaning supplies. I'm just pointing out how wholly unnecessary some of these items are for the vast majority of CA residents.

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