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Originally Posted by Freagan View Post
Actually he was right, the 8M3 is a hollow point round. After Tula stopped supplying Wolf Military Classic with the 8M3 bullet, they started importing it themselves. The 124gr hollowpoint ammo from Tula is supposed to have the 8M3.

There was a debate going on when I was researching the 8m3 on other forums if the bullet design had changed or if the ammo manufacturer went with a different bullet. Someone, somewhere (AKFiles I think... Wish I had saved the link) had been able to trace a path of the 8m3 in the US from Wolf and another brand and then at a certain year/batch, it switched over to a different bullet and then the 8m3 reappeared in Tulammo. The way to tell with the WMC I believe is the weight, they only had 124 gr and 122 gr, but never both at the same time; not 100% on that as Tula sells both weights concurrently and I don't see why WPA/WMC wouldn't do the same.
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