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Originally Posted by zfields View Post
Thats for the info, are you getting decent accuracy at around 100 yards? Trying to decide between this and a 30-30. I personally like the idea of a 230 +grain .45 projectile over a 140-160 .30 cal projectile.
Don't bother with a 230 grain bullet for a 454, it's too light and the construction is generally not intended for that kind of speed....the bullets tend to blow apart.

454 shines in the heavy bullet ranges 360-420 grain range.

I shoot 420 grain hardcast in all my 454 (revolvers and rifles), for hog hunting.

120 yards is the furthest I've taken (or attempted to take) a hog with a 454. It was with a Browning single shot 1885, and it broke major hog bone at that distance.


I prefer heavy bullets for hog hunting. It's good to have something that can end and ugly situation quickly if you get charged at close range....that means having a bullet tha will break/penetrate heavy bone in a one shot.

Plenty of 223 hog hunters, they're typically hunting hogs on farms in open areas at some distance, not trudging through heavy brush and trying to get to the hogs where they're bedded (which is usually required if you're hunting public land and actually want to have a chance at a hog).

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