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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Looks like the sheriff's office has done a complete overhauled their website. It now has "CCW" beneath a small pistol symbol right on their homepage!

It links to a page with all the info about applying for a CCW.

The information on that page appears to be the same as on their 7 page application info .pdf:

I did not see any mention/info re. their Good Cause requirement. Perhaps someone in CoCoCo could contact them and post an update.

I wonder if they're becoming less afraid of "Good Guys (and Gals!) with Guns"?
Thank you for sharing this info. At first it seemed encouraging. But then I realized that this Sheriff surely has not changed his anti-2A posture. As one who applied and was rejected with no reason, nothing adverse at all, other than the supposed failure to show good cause, I am not encouraged by this.

It is astonishing that it even mentions psychological testing in order to enjoy your Constitutional rights. Can't imagine the logic with that. It implies that, if they think the applicant has psych problems, they'll get him/her tested. Then if he/she passes the shrink test.....then what? Is this raising false expectations? (I have no psych problems and never had....just curious.)

By the way, when you do the electronic fingerprint scan, you are going to have to disclose your social security number in an insecure environment. Thus you are exposed to identity theft by the process itself.
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