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If the NRA were a true activist and true friend of gun owners, it would not have let California and New York and several other states pass stringent gun laws.

But the NRA did indeed let these states pass stringent gun laws. Why?

From the article:

>Much like elite funders of a major political party, these Golden Ringers enjoy top access to decision-makers at the NRA. Their interests, not the interest of the $35-a-year member, rule the roost. "They've got this base of true believers that they mail their magazines out to," says policy analyst Diaz. "But the NRA is really about serving this elite."

(CDF): Full disclosure: I used to be an NRA member. Before I joined, I feared they were just a lobbying arm of gun manufacturers, an organization that merely paid lip service to fighting gun laws.

I was correct. So I bailed.

I read American Rifleman every single month for three years. All they did was to publish hyperbole in their editorials. They would send me fund raising notes all the time.

What did they do with that money?

A true organization fighting stringent gun laws would not pay its leaders six figure salaries while gun owners have to get show ID to buy ammo.

Follow the money.

Nope. They're going to have to work MUCH HARDER to get another single cent from me.


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