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So how does a dealer charge 25 dros then 10 for first gun and then 25 each additional gun legally?

I it's 25 and then 10 each additional per pc?

Here is the skinny

*So recently we have had some issues with dealers over charging us during a PPT.* The law sections PC12076,12082,12086 states that the dealer is allowed to charge 25 DROS (dealer record of sale) and 10 for each firearm on the DROS (making the first firearm 35 and each additional firearm 10)* Now this excludes handguns, a handgun is a separate DROS from long guns.* A recent transfer led me to do my homework and I ended up speaking with 2 CA DOJ agents.* Both stated that if a dealer charges more than 10 dollars for each firearm on the DROS is in violation and illegally taking your money (dealers don’t have a choice this is a state law). However if you order a firearm out of state (online), you do not fall under PPT fees, therefore subject to multiple fees at the discretion of the store up to and including tax on the firearm.* I have already reported one dealer of breaking this law, I will be demanding a full refund for the excessive fees.
Call the CA DOJ at 916-243-4887
I have also learned that there is not a limitation on the quantity* or frequency of Private party transfers (ppt), only an activity watch. I.E. if you transfer multiples firearms consecutively during “x number of years”, then you should be ready to get a FFL However if you just happen to sell your collection, or do a small group buy, you won’t be under the gun.
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