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Originally Posted by WartHog View Post
So, the company I ordered the Athlon Argos BTR from yesterday afternoon for my Brother was supposed to ship it UPS 2nd Day for $27.95. They shipped it instead by Overnight which cost them like $100 from Louisiana and I'm mounting it up now.

There's a solid 3/8" gap between the Objective and the Barrel with the Warne High rings, 1/2" if you remove the flip-up cover. Shouldering the rifle, my cheek/lower jawbone is resting high on the stock but not on top and the scope sight picture comes into alignment/view.

Is the gap satisfactory or should I reorder lower rings? Warne lists ring height for their Fixed rings as follows - High .525" - Med .375" - Low .250". Using the Med rings drop the height .15" whereas with Low rings the drop is .275". If my math-deficient brain has it right, I have a .375 gap now so a set of Low rings sounds like they would work, barely.

Ideal ring height depends on your face geometry as well as shoulder to cheekbone, if it feels high like youíre not getting a tight cheek weld or have to push the rifle low in your shoulder pocket rather than it sitting high on shoulder then try another pair. If you go too low you could get some shadow of the barrel or muzzle device at low magnification, you also donít want to have to really try and crunch into too small a cheek weld and have your eye / shooting glasses causing limited field of view because youíre not aligned.

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