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Saying that you are buying an experience means you just admitted to being a trendy teenaged minded fool that can be sold any pile of crap so long at it's wrapped in shinny paper or has a star bucks logo on the cup of crap.

That statement.... I've never actually heard anyone admit it. I've heard advertising execs use it to describe how people justify spending money they don't have on some stupid product. But I've never heard some one admit do being a trendy sheep.

I will defend the box though. A new box should have been used for one reason only. UPS, Fedex, and the USPS all fall back on the box when an insurance claim is submitted. and if the box is used they can reject the claim.
Read the insurance policy most if not all do in fact say that a new corrugated box must be used on insured items.

As for buying an experience, well you did.... you just got a bad one
You went to an online junk yard what do you expect. (outside of the incorrect parts)

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