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.22LR reaches maximum velocity at 16 inches. After that, friction between the bullet and the barrel starts decreasing velocity. Lower velocity = less of a straight shot = less accuracy. However, a longer barrel offers a better sight radius, and lower vibrations and the increased amount of metal will take longer to heat up, which improves accuracy.

As you can see there are pros and cons to a longer barrel length and the impact of these factors change from gun to gun. For a scoped rifle past 16 inches, I stop considering barrel length in my purchasing decision. For iron sighted rifles, the longer the better.

My advice to you is this: buy neither. If you're making a purchasing decision based on availability, then wait until availability isn't an issue. Several months from now when you get your dream .22, you'll be much happier.

OTOH if the Savage or the Marlin is what you really want (or you can't wait), then go to a store and handle both. Go with whichever feels better to you. Don't forget your local guns shops (not just the big retailers); they might have good prices as well.
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