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Originally Posted by Barryt View Post
Well i dont have pictures because i tossed the kids in the car and headed for the family's house for easter but id thought i share my scores. Not even close to winning so you can trust my integrity

100 yard scope rifle


And it was windy.

I was using federal automatch in my 10/22 18" ss grean mountain barrel. And mueller apv and some other associated.goodies.

That's good shootin with that ammo. Try some standard velocity or subsonic ammo and the score will most likely improve. Eliminates that sonic wave wobble that High Velocity ammo has when it slows down below the speed of sound at around 45 yds. My favorite .22lr ammo for 100yds is Lapua Center-X, kinda pricey but I don't shoot much of it and can be hard to find locally. I always have to order it online.
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