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the March 10th class has come and gone.

We had a great group of shooters attending, and I forsee the multigun clan growing and growing.

Like I mentioned, I am reducing this class to "every other month" - which means the next class will be on the 12th of May.

For those of y'all that have not taken the SAFE MULTIGUNNER class, you will not be able to attend this Aprils multigun match. (Unless the other requirements have been met).

Like I said, the next class is May 10th. If you want to start multigunning, or are interested in becomming more profecient with your long guns in general...this is the place to start. As a club, we are making no profit from this. Why? Because at the end of the class, you will receive a voucher to attent a free pistol match at the club, which is a $25.00 value.

So why do we do this?

For the love of our 2nd Amendment rights, for the love of the sport, because no one else is doing it, to help our club be an opportunity for safety and growth to firearms owners, and because "this is what we do".

In closing, if you are interested, contact me.

Next class is in May.

In Christ: Raymond
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