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Default Columbus Day Stock Sets Sale

Columbus Day Stock Sets Sale

Does your rifle furniture look old, worn out, or plain cheap? Then you need to upgrade to K-Var furniture ASAP!

Available in 4 different colors (Black, Plum, OD Green, and Desert Sand), K-Var furniture offer mil spec reliability, comfort, and beauty to your AK-47, AK-74, AKM, Saiga, or any other variation of AK based rifle. Get the highest quality and most authentic brand new stock sets and get the performance and the authentic look you expect from your AK rifle.

K-Var stock sets are available in the original Warsaw Pact and extended NATO lengths, for fixed or side-folding configuration, for standard or Krink rifles, and for both stamped and milled receiver AK rifles.

Building a new rifle? Doing a conversion? Adding foreign made parts? Then K-Var furniture is the answer! Donít settle just for compliance! Achieve the ultimate with your rifle by incorporating the K-Var line of furniture manufactured from advanced polymer material to the original technology design.

K-Var furniture for stamped receivers also works great for Saiga 12 and Saiga 410 shotguns!

Take the next step today! Use the coupon code KVSS5 on our website or mention it to our reps over the phone and get additional 15% discount on the purchase of your stock set.

Discount coupon is valid for select in-stock items only. No rain checks will be given. The offer expires on the end of Monday (October 10, 2011).
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