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Originally Posted by ljg17 View Post
OK so I can take my model 37 and pistol grip it and chop the BBL since it is C&R and qualifies for SBS (I want to go less than 30" OAL) but to do the same with a non C&R shotgun it needed to never ever have had a buttstock on it? Is that what I am getting from this thread? Or perhaps I am not understanding the difference between AOW and SBS?? Feel free to tell me to go back and re-read the entire thread since I only read it once. :-)
AOW stands for Any Other Weapon. This is something that does not fall into and has never fallen into the category of rifle, pistol, or shotgun. Some examples are a handgun with a forward pistol grip, a weapon that has a barrel less than 18”, fires shotgun shells, and has never had a stock other than a pistol grip on it, pen guns (illegal in CA under all circumstances), cane guns, and just about any other weapon (seriously no pun intended) that is non conventional but not a DD. California adopts the federal definition of an AOW and they are legal with the proper federal paperwork regardless of age. The exception is the pen gun which is specifically banned. The tax stamp required to transfer an AOW is $5 but to make one, the tax is $200. If you want to make an AOW out of a “Shotgun” such as an 870 that is not C&R, you need to get one that came from the factory with a pistol grip and never had a stock on it. If it ever had a stock on it or if you ever put one on it, then it becomes a SBS if it has a barrel shorter than 18”.

Now in CA you can own SBR’s and SBS’s if they are C&R. The tax stamp is $200 for these regardless if you make them or buy them in a NFA configuration. It should be noted, that this does not exempt a weapon from the AW rules so you could not have a semi-auto SBR that is shorter than 30” or that has any “evil features”.

There are much better details throughout the thread. If you are thinking about doing this, I encourage you to read it through as many times as you need to fully understand it. Follow the links that are posted in it as they have even more information. Finally do your own research, do not take our word for it. We are not attorneys.
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