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My boyfriend and I had our first date at the Gun Room in Elk Grove, he first caught my attention in class(college) when we were comparing hobbies and guns came up, I was impressed by his knowledge and he was impressed because I had range time with most of what he referenced. I served my time in the Army as an MP so guns have never been an issue with me, I was raised by a Vietnam vet. We're coming up on 4 years now and in that time our gun collection has increased and we occasionally reload together. Sorting brass in front of the TV is not unusual. Our issues with guns are mostly that when I want to watch TV with him he can't seem to put down the laptop(mostly calguns and youtube). Guys I've dated before were military like me so I've never had to deal with a SO very opposed or disinterested.

We don't have any children so there is always a loaded side arm in the house, it's either the Kimber 1911 or the Glock 9mm. Arguments have never escalated to a single thought of grabbing a gun, ownership of said firearms might be more the problem if we split.

Honestly, I have a bigger issue with my friends understanding my affinity for guns rather than my SO.

I would hope if I wasn't so lucky that my SO would be understanding, I know that some people feel neglected because their SO spends so much time on their hobby regardless of what it is. Disregarding guns can be an easier target because of fear, safety and the current events.
If Dad had bought me a barbie instead of a .22 pistol life would be much different
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