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Originally Posted by Kestryll View Post
I think you're memories are a bit confused.
CGN did not exist in Y2K, Ramon established it in mid-2002 and I was the first Mod he appointed. It wasn't until at least 2004 that a few of us got the ability to ban people and then only one or two Mods.
I think you're thinking of another forum where you were a Mod.

We've had group buys go bad, it's the nature of the beast, and tried both ways to deal with them.

Banning the person does nothing but shut down the most public and documented form of communication, emails and voicemail can be deleted permanently and then 'I never got that'.
However posts here can only be deleted permanently by Ivan or me and even edit changes are trackable to the Admins.

By leaving him unbanned it gives those he owes a means to communicate with him and with each other. Limiting discussion to just those involved improves the signal to noise ratio and keeps people from stirring up crap and inciting someone to post something that gets them banned.

The longer it goes on the less chance of open communication there is and as such less need to keep the OP unbanned. Especially if he moved to Florida.
The OP is already banned from the Marketplace.

Excellent question.
I did not realize he was banned from the Marketplace. Thats good enough to protect others from him. As for his location, I have been given info on Jason and his wife as to their current address. I have someone from the SD area going over to see if its legit. If it is I am going to start the small claims process. Should know in a week or two, i'm working on this guys free time so im not pushing it with him.

If I find his address is legit I will post it so everyone who is owed can file suits themselves. All I can get out of Jason is $230. Great for me, but chump change to him if he walks with everyone else's money.
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