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I bought mine used... very used, for little money $200. I bought a 1911- 9mm in a package with the GSG. The front sight screw is stripped, easy fix. Other than that the gun has been reliable and reasonably accurate. I initially tried it from a rest with about 15+ different brands and ammo velocities. It seems to like the hi-vel ammo the best but there is so little difference it's hard to tell. As far as I can tell it mimics the 1911 accurately in all aspects except weight. A good feature is interchangeability of grips with the 1911.

I might have sold it since I'd satisfied my curiosity, and I prefer my High Standards and S&W 41, but my daughter who shoots a 1911-45 likes the light weight and uses it for practice.

Drop in parts mods are available that are supposed to make it more accurate and simplify take down. Also for those who can legal buy them... mods to allow 14 rounds in the mag.

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