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On March 5th, I dropped off my registration paid my $125 fee and was told it would be three to six weeks. That wasn't an issue as I was out of the state for four weeks teaching re-class for the Army. But if my math is right I'm coming up on week seven.

Add to that that gregm784 dropped his application off on the 2nd of March, has already been interviewed, completed the course through LFI and has a scheduled picked up date in early May and my concern grows (not about gregm784 getting his CCW, I mean he seems like a fine upstanding individual and all that) but that I haven't heard anything is concerning.

And before anyone says it, I did call and they took my information and said they'd get back to me. That was a whole two hours ago, and still nothing...

(and if you take that last line seriously you need to go do pushups)
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