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Originally Posted by User21c View Post
Whoa.....! I just got that!
FOUR offenses as a juvenile? Unless they were all REALLY minor, that's a RED FLAG.... It shows a significant pattern of lawful disregard.

Can you explain that? They're pretty tolerant, but this could be an issue for you. Good luck.
Originally Posted by User21c View Post
If you only remember 2, how do you know there were 4?
Something doesn't smell right... and I'm not even a Detective.

Are you being honest about this? Really?
I remember being in trouble as an adolescent, that is all I am trying to say. I dont recall everything. What I was saying is, I have no problem listing things but what if I dont remember everything....would that make me look like a liar, or just a forgetful applicant since it was over 20+ years ago. I have nothing to hide and I am not ashamed to admit I got into some trouble as a juvenile/teen. I think most of us probably did! If it keeps me from getting a LTC, well then thats how it goes....I am still a lawful gun owner.

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