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Originally Posted by trigger945 View Post
^^^ Hmmm, good point. So maybe the .45 ammo pricing might create an increase in demand for 9mm guns and tip the balance again?

For now, maybe we should buy what's cheap(er) and can use later anyways. If that's 9mm, so be it.
Possibly. I'm not too optimistic about ammo prices. I remember a time, not to long ago, that I could walk out of walmart with a federal 100 round pack for $19.99 + tax. Those days are long gone, panic-struck idiots let these businesses realize many were willing to pay double that.

I stick to reloading my plinking ammo and only buy factory loaded ammo to use for concealed carry and home defense. Much better value, a 50 round box of 9mm costs me $4.50, a 50 round box of 45acp costs me $6.50.

Anyone that isn't wealthy and enjoys shooting large quantities of ammo is a prime candidate to learn to reload. I get to shoot 3xs as much as I would if I didn't reload, and it's a fun hobby in and of itself.
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