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I'd favor the 3.5-21 instead...

I asked people I know and trust that have seen and used the vortex and bushnell, they say the vortex is fine, but the bushnell is worth the price difference.

I went with the bush 3.5-21. Not saying you should do the same, but people I know and trust who shoot matches with this gear steered me to the bushnell. Whenever I hear of a new scope, and some random review by someone I dont know... The people I do know, who shoot in matches with me are the ones I listen to. Someone posts a review of the primary arms or 'vixen arms' advertised on the page might not have a great deal of knowledge and experience and can give a glowing review.... The people I know and shoot with in competition have seen/owned and played with all the better brands out there. Schmidt and bender, premier, US Optics, NF, loopy mk4, bushnell, vortex, weaver, nikon, etc... If they say something is decent or something is garbage I pay attention because I see them at every match, and have some idea their experience and knowledge compared to some random review that says 'this new $200 tactical scope is the shiznit!!!!' (primary and vixen were just examples of new scopes some people have mentioned lately- scopes who -no one- *I* trust has yet to review.

Some of them shoot the vortex and like it just fine. It's not a bad optic- and priced well, and has unbeatable warranty. Though the consensus is... the bush 3.5-21 is better and worth the money.

You wont go wrong with either one.

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