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I'm with 7th group and we do a lot of work in central and South America. Narcotics interdiction. Good stuff. Some NC-MIO, VBSS. Hunting narcotrafficantes...looking for drug subs, blowing up airstrips...good work but a lot of work to get in.

As long as you're a squared away guy, you'll be ok. Not sure about the guard but its a rewarding experience. And the perks are really good too. Good food, scuba diving, cross training,'ll dig it.

Make sure your packet is complete and make sure you take care of your credit score and pay off any outstanding debts. Because they'll want to make sure you're not someone likely to accept a bribe.

Anyway, the rest is OPSEC PERSEC. But you get the basic picture. It's a fun assignment. Be prepared to travel on short notice too.
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