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Thanks for the replies guys! Interesting stuff

Still waiting on one last piece of paper work, but I hope to drop the packets this weekend. Fingers crossed.

Originally Posted by Stockton View Post
Show up fit and ready to pass APFT beyond standard. Alpha males only. Be proficient at all Level 1 tasks. Be prepared to be called out if you run your mouth like jack hole. Once you're in your in and only you can screw it up. Don't be delusional about who you are or what you'll do.

You planning on going north or south?
I've got all those bases covered- I'm fresh off deployment, and probably in the best shape I've ever been in. All of the positions I'm interested right now in are south- SD and Santa Barbara areas (score!).

I think you have to be a 31, 11, and *maybe* 19 series to get on the TF. Not sure about support roles. I was told to apply, but wasn't guaranteed a release from the Reserves to go NG.
None of the position listing have MOS requirements.
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