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I'm in north Sacramento County and have been reloading since 1981

.303 British
.50 BMG

I'm a "single stage" reloader (all 4 of my presses) and I load primarily to make the highest quality possible. I don't turn necks, but I do ream primer crimps and uniform flash holes. I have NO experience with turret or progressive presses. I don't charge any set fees for my time although most folks will have some cold beers and a pizza or maybe even a handful of components for testing of my own.

In the past, I've put together bulk orders for several people in an effort to get my 48 LBS for a single hazmat fee. Buying this way works out well and people have always been happy to participate. Unfortunately (fortunately for me), I'm pretty much stocked on most powders but I do expect to place an order come October or so.
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