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Originally Posted by johnny1290 View Post
Thanks, I should have said they're slightly recessed. I primed them by hand.

Doesn't hurt to check though so I just went and tried again, they're as seated as they're going to get I reckon.

My experience is that if it's a primer seating issue it fires on the second strike, and none of these did after 2 or 3 times of trying.

I sized all the cases I have, I forgot, all of them were lubed.

Meh, that's alright I guess. I needed a tumbler anyway, cases were getting shabby on the 9mm. Maybe I could wash them or something but I'm not convinced that'll do what I want, or that I want to go through the hassle of drying them LOL
Its not advised to try to seat primers deeper with loaded ammo. CAUTION!. I use Wolf primers all the time but never the .223 primers and have good luck with them. What does the firing pin indentation on a dud round look like? Does it look like its getting hit hard enough?
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