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Not that it matters, but I did note this summary on the ARS website about Entreprise arms receivers:

The two receivers I tested are the newest offering from Entréprise Arms. I experienced the following issues during the build

Barrels timed short - I turned the barrel shoulders back slightly.
Chamber face bottomed out on inside of receiver - Common even on factory IMBELs, I shaved the face slightly
One rifle required a larger than common locking shoulder - possibly a barrel chamber issue.
Magazine catch caught on small ledge - I removed the ledge.
Dust cover pinched the top of the bolt carrier - I slightly relieved the dust-cover clearance cut.
Slightly loose lockup between upper and lower receiver - I welded up the locking body and recut it oversize.

Only the final issue was of any consequence. Even with these minor issues, I am pleased that the issues were identical on both receivers. Consistency is important. Knowing before-hand what minor adjustments may need to be made make for a smooth build. I expect Entrérprise will examine the issues I have identified. Based on these two receivers, I have no objection to accepting this latest generation of Entréprise receivers for build. With the Federal ban on importing FAL receivers, I am pleased to see there is another viable choice in the domestic FAL receiver market.
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