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I finally got out today and put a few rounds down range to see how she shoots. I was using Fed 168 match @100y and my Nightforce for groups. It's nothing special, and I think I was a bit off today. Regardless, it's plenty accurate for what I want the rifle to accomplish.

First group after sight in,

Second group and it's obvious the flyer was my fault!

After I shot these groups I put the 2.5-5X Leupy back on it and sighted it in again. I proceeded to take out every clay, beer can, and a few of my dogs soup bones with every shot. It's plenty accurate for hunting purposes. I also brought out my Chrono and ended up getting an average of 2390fps out of the Fed's. Not to shabby for a shorty

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Very kool -

How much PBR to shorten my .338 Win Mag...?
Just a long *** drive to where I live, the price of a new pilot, and a 12er would be fine!
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