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In the same vein as SoCalDep, there was a 52yr. old reserve from Inglewood who went thru my academy as a regular. He couldn't make the 350 points required on the PT that is given a few times thru the academy, so he was dropped.

The good news is that he was recycled to the next class 6 weeks later and made it with flying colors. He served his dept. well. I recall one story wherein he was in foot pursuit and due to his size (somewhat overweight), couldn't make it over the wooden fence the suspect jumped over.

He didn't let that stop him tho as he just ran into the fence, knocking the whole thing over and catching the suspect.

I don't believe there is any harm in riding with multiple depts. If asked why during an oral, you can always say that you wanted to be exposed to as many different depts. and officers as possible to gain as much info as possible as to how things are done.

Also, as 9mmepiphany said, there are a lot more opportunities in a Sheriff's dept. than a PD, unless of course, it is a big PD like LAPD. Another plus is if for some reason you P.O. a supervisor you have nowhere to go in a small dept. On a Sheriff's dept., you can transfer somewhere where you will never see each other again.

One last thing and 9mmepiphany touched on it; if you are not a good writer or speller, take some writing classes. If you are unable to write a good report, you will not make it off training.

You may be the most officer safety conscious officer out there and may make the most felony arrests; but if you cannot put it down on paper, grammatically correct and spelled properly, you will fail. My former dept. gives you two chances. If you fail the second one, you have two choices; resign or demote to custody assistant, which is a non sworn position at a third of the pay. It has occurred.
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