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Default Curious About Police Academy


I never thought I'd be considering this, but I'm interested in becoming a police officer. I'm a 31 year old married woman with no kids, moderately fit. I live in the San Diego area. I do a good amount of target shooting, and I used to hunt. My husband said this would be a good place to seek advice about LEO's so here I am.

I had seen that Miramar college offers police academy training. Can I start classes anytime they are offered or do I have to start at a certain time of year for the academy? What type of assignments can I expect as a newbie? What about working my way to becoming a detective? Also with the fitness test I know the minimum for passing, but what about what I need to put me above the rest? I'll have more questions as time goes on, but this can be a start.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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