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Originally Posted by cseabass View Post
How about accuse the right person, I was not involved in this. I posted this because I care. The employee has been reprimanded, which I am not going into. I wont however have someone totally outside of the situation bad-mouth me while all i have done is try to make things right.

Gimme the name of that employee and I'll be more than happy to. My disbelief comes not only from the employee who was a complete jerk to one of your customers, but particularly from the J&R staff member who originally responded to the op's thread. He appears to be someone of authority and I truly believe his attempt to appologize and rectify the situation has failure written all over it, PERIOD! He clearly isn't shocked by a paying customer who was being treated like dog poo, and essentially makes excuses for his employee's behavior, all the while handing out a xerox copied apology. If this employee was so shocked by what he found upon inspection (which I assume is part of his job) of said firearm that he felt the need to insult the op, particularly the op's taste in accessories, then maybe said employee should be given a different job.

This was about as an easy fix as retail comes, reiterate a sincere apology and simply just tell the op he'll be taken care of on his next visit and you'll notify him when his gun sells, WOW that was hard. The manager (or whom ever replied) never even said the employee was reprimanded nor was he going to be, that's something you want the CG community to know, J&R doesn't tolerate such behavior from it's staff. It's as if nothing would've happened had this not been made public. The op states "I was treated like the village fool and insulted in front of my wife", he posted this thread on 5/13/13, 2 months later (7/6/13) nobody has called him or pm'd him regarding status of the situation, WHAT AM I MISSING?!

As for you Ian, I absolutely wasn't bad mouthing you, you clearly weren't the original employee who replied on behalf of J&R regarding this complaint. I felt his response was utterly meaningless because of the way this was handled. Where I mentioned your name, I was just saying that the original responding employee should've said "here's so and so's apology" instead of "here's Ians report". I put your name their and I apologize, kudos for you for showing interest in solving the issue and displaying customer service aptitude.

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