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Oh also, powder, I would say to start, find what is available locally first and use what is in a reloading manual so you know you have a good load. This goes for tips also just because it is 155gr (as an example) doesnt mean it will fly the same if you use cheaper or different style tips.

I use hodgen and vhitavouri depending on the caliber generally speaking, pistols I use alliant-bullseye

Primers I have not found to make a difference in regards to brand. If you ever wonder why large pistol/rifle are the same size (same for the small primers) the difference is the primer punch area thickness. Pistols (in theory) will not fracture the primer meant for a rifle because it takes more force, rifles you never want to substitute for pistol primers because it is too thin for the pressure that the rifle creates when fired.

If you can help it, try to get your powder and primers locally unless you get a ton of stuff on a website, they will charge you a hazmat fee.
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