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Originally Posted by waterfern View Post
First cow I saw was a surprise, drivng down a forest service road, thought it was a decoy, got out of the truck to look and it ran off. Second one i was hiking into my favorite meadow and looked up 30yards away was a cow staring at me, had my scope set to too high of a magnification and blew the shot. Next day i was settled in and a herd of thirty came into the meadow i was hunting and my buddy decided to up and move to a better spot and scared the heard away, next day same meadow and my buddy sees two huge bulls and yells over to me to let me know , scares them away. One of the bulls was so big i thought at first it was a dude riding a horse that scared the first one off. The last day a group of cows was coming into the meadow and right before they were in position for me to shoot, and the wind swirled around and changed direction and they winded us. That was all she wrote. Unit 70.
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