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Originally Posted by 4DSJW View Post
She has no problem handling recoil and actually prefers shooting .357 and .45. She is also an unbelievably good shot and usually puts the rest of us to shame, LOL. Whenever we went shooting she always said that the guns she used felt comfortable. Well, it turns out that she is actually having difficulty getting her hand around the frame for a good solid grip. I feel kind of stupid and feel like I should have figured this out sooner but she always said she was good to go.

Hi there,

Did she bring up her concern about not being able to fully wrap her hand around the frame or was it you who noticed it and said something?

I ask because you shared with us that she:

-- has no problem handling recoil

-- is an unbelievably good shot and puts others to shame

-- has always claimed that the guns she shot were comfortable

So, honest question, what's the problem? It sounds like whatever she's doing is working just fine. I used to be a competitive archer and my shooting style was slightly different than others. My coach kept trying to suggest ways to bring me in line with more traditional technique, but my performance suffered. I kept trying to explain to her that, if I'm hitting the center, what does it matter if I'm shooting too fast? Fair enough, right?

Here's my take - If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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