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I've got one. Here's the best description I can give you for what it looks like. You take a standard t-post and four pieces 4" of pipe. The pipe is cut at about 15 degree angle on one end (that's the top) and square at the other.

You weld the pipe chunks to the back side of the t-post, away from the shooter, so that the HIGH point of the angle is away from post and the square end is toward the bottom. To put it another way, flat part of the pipe chunks down and rotate the pipe so that that tallest part of it is away from the t-post.

Cut 4 5" pieces round stock that fits the inside of the pipe, not too tight (it needs to rotate). To each of these, weld 4" of round or square stock at a 90-degree angle. At the end of each of those pieces, weld a 4x4" steel flag, of a guage that isn't going to bend or get drilled through with the caliber you're shooting.

Put the round stock inside the pipes on the back of the t-post. If you've done it right, the weight of the flag will cause the flag to want to be to one side or the other. If you whack it, it should "climb" the top of the pipe and either go over the peak and down the other side or slide back. You may need to do a little filing and polishing to get them to run smooth.

When they run smooth, you put two flags on one side, two on the other. You and your shooting buddy face off against the target and someone (else) says "Go". First guy who gets all his flags on the other guy's side wins. I guess you could play Shanghia rules and toss a can; when it hits, you git to shooting.

Drive the t-post in at your favorite shooting location. Remember, lots of ranges don't let you draw from the holster. I guess you could build some angle-iron feet for the bottom if you're dragging it back and forth to the range.

Gee, this doesn't really sound all that clear. Does it make sense?

I don't know if building these yourself is as cost effective as buying one, but I'm no welder. For me, it was just cheaper buying it. On the other hand, I bet some of your shooting buddies might buy some, if you set to running up a batch of them.
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