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Originally Posted by glockazine View Post
I placed an order on OpticsPlanet yesterday that included this standard A2 flash hider from Radical Firearms. This morning I received an email stating my order had been "Partially Cancelled" and to call immediately regarding my order. Speaking to the customer service representative, I was informed that they would not be sending me the flash hider, because "even though flash hiders are legal to own in California, we are prevented from shipping them to your state."

Is this just an OpticsPlanet policy? I don't expect companies to ship clearly restricted items (e.g. 30 round mags, binary trigger) to California, but a flash hider? Really? Is there some obscure law on California's books preventing them from shipping these?
I love optics planet, but if they are being lame about a part that isn't even on a rifle they don't need your business. You can legally buy a complete upper and have it sent to your house because it is not considered an "assault weapon" until you marry it with a standard configuration lower receiver.

If they don't know the law, it is their loss. I mean, if you have a fixed magazine semi-automatic you can have any banned feature except for stndard capacity magazines.
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