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Funny how the Sheriffs map is 33 pages of where not to shoot and 0 pages of where it is legal to shoot.

I have posted on the BLM facebook that they should devote a little time to the shooting sport to inform those who desire to shoot safely and legally.
I get every single "BLM newsbytes" for at least 2 to three years now and the only mention EVER of the shooting sports has been the fire that was supposed to have been started by a shooter off Shockey truck trail. I have to assume that is now closed also.

We get no help, no maps, no instructions, other than our own "it's the right thing to do" judgment. How are we supposed to bring in new people to our sport and our right when all we have are noisy regulated ranges? Don't get me wrong I have busted THOUSANDS and thousands of birds at P2K and got my hunting license from Bob Fusco back in the early 80's when it was San Diego County Fish and Game, but it is nice to be able to take a few new shooters out to a quite area that is easy to explain gun safety before shooting without ear protection on.

I have absolutely no place to shoot my .50 so it has become a $10K safe queen. Don't mean to get so wrapped around the axle but hey what the heck are they doing with all the money that we pay them in off road fee's, hunting licenses that don't get used and your taxes from Day passes etc. if they can't just write up a page of DO's and don'ts with a little map of if you want to shoot you shoot HERE in THIS direction and max calibers are X and check THIS website for daily weekly restrictions like high fire hazards. OK I done flame away.
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