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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
No it isn't: this is her first runoff election in her entire career. As you said, she is afraid. Use that to your advantage even if you have no intention of voting for her.

Reality is incumbent sheriffs very rarely lose reelection. Lots of low-info voters who didn't vote for her in June will come out and vote for her (because of up ticket candidates/issues) in Nov. I'm saying take advantage of her fear now, by contacting her campaign now for her to change her CCW position now. What do you have to lose by trying? the price of a phone call? FB messages are FREE!

Unless you've tried all the methods used by SDCGO to get Sheriff Gore to switch and they've failed, you haven't tried.

No one thought they could get Bill "Ruby Ridge" Gore to readily issue CCWs. They did it and you can easily read all about it here (the last 2 pages of posts):
People tried to contact her back in 2014. She was vulnerable then too. She lost a lot of major endorsements and had a very capable opponent in Kevin Jensen. She never responded to anybodies attempts back then. It's not going to happen this time around. And as I already said, I wouldn't trust any promises she made anyways. We can't get through to her, so it's time to go around her and get someone else in there.

Reality is, a lot of people will probably be turning out to vote against her. She has been doing a bad job as Sheriff and has recently been the subject of a pretty serious scandal/allegation/coverup. See here:

Another source with more details:

Then there's also this little stunt:

Who could forget:

Again, to emphasze, she knows we want a candidate to support and actively mocked us, on camera, during her interview with the SJ Merc editorial board. She's not going to be negotiated with. The reason you don't see anyone chomping at the bit to try to play her off against Hirokawa for CCW issuance is because everybody knows it won't go anywhere. People know it's a waste of time.

I sincerely hope you vote for Hirokawa on November 6th. And even more, I would hope you would get the word about him out to all your friends/family. Smith needs to go. It's long overdue.

ETA: Looking over the link you shared with the strategies people used to get Gore to issue, I can say that most, if not all, of those things have been tried. She won't budge. She mocks us openly. Time for her to retire.
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