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Originally Posted by crazyScott90 View Post
I feel like you simultaneously understood, and didn't understand what I said. He wants to issue permits more liberally. He's not announcing "shall issue" because it would be political suicide in this county. That's not being 'elusive', that's thinking strategically and having good political sense. Think back to 2016 when Hilary went to West Virginia and told a bunch of coal miners she was gonna put them out of a job. Coming out pro-Shall Issue in this county is the equivalent of that. None of us would be able to get any sleep from the collective RREEEEEEEE-ing of the antis. Smith would immediately start beating the drum that he's an evil NRA extremist candidate. Indeed, she tried to do just that exact same thing when it was Kevin Jensen back in 2014. And he only had like one meeting with us and never even made any formal announcements.

Whats happening here is something called subtlety. He's trying to maximize his votes while not giving Laurie any extra ammunition to attack him with.

Please lets just get rid of her this time. Hirokawa is the guy we need.

I agree. Hirokawa is doing what a smart politician should do and that is to appeal to all voters. If he came out swinging for 2A, he will definitely lose the libtards. He is a democrat after all.

I’m done with Smith. Even if she has a pocketful of f**ks she still wouldn’t give one out. No point trying to change someone’s mind when it’s abundantly clear they’re not willing to change.
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