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Originally Posted by crazyScott90 View Post
Well, FWIW, I've now attended two of the candidate forums. One during the primaries and another on the 8th that was John vs. Laurie. She seemed pretty scared and desperate at both events. Even at the forum during the primaries, she essentially ignored the other three people running in order to take every shot she could at Hirokawa, sometimes even ignoring the question she was asked. She is TERRIFIED that he will beat her.

I've met and spoken to Hirokawa twice now and he has said that he will bring CCW back into the 21st century by having clear and transparent policies and actually processing permit applications and issuing permits for good cause. He wants to have a complete overhaul of the system and create a CCW board to help review applications.

No, he won't be publicly promising shall issue, he is one of those guys who is from that generation of liberal law enforcement that is a bit wary of non-LEO having guns. From my conversations with him though, he is a BIG believer in the 14th amendment and believes that there should be a more fair/equitable process for it. That process would certainly be more liberal than what Laurie has been doing which is to say nothing unless you're a rich buddy of hers.

Hirokawa may not be a perfect candidate for us but he IS the guy we need to back.

Laurie has proven time and time again that she has nothing but disdain and contempt for our community. She refuses to even sit down at the table with us. Hirokawa has welcomed discussion about our concerns every time I brought it up, and has promised to lift CCW policy out of the dark ages.

We all need to get off our collective asses and vote for him on November 6th.

ETA: The critical thing here is that John IS talking to us and is sympathetic to our cause. I firmly believe that if we can get him in office, we will have a situation similar to Sacramento where the Sheriff started to issue permits and became comfortable with it and realized it wasn't something to fear. At first it was limited issue, but as he realized it was no big deal they effectively became shall issue. Human nature won the day there and it could happen here too. But not under Laurie.
Appreciate the follow up and insight.

I'm afraid I find "a policy" without details rather fence riding. If he wants support, I think most want to know specifics about what these policies will say, require and so forth. If his intention is to become more 2A, then he should say so and how. Resistance to speaking specifics feels elusive, makes him distrustful and me disinclined to support him.
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