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Received an email this morning from vetogunmageddon. What about you guys?


Thank you for volunteering to help us exercise the people’s veto to overturn the recent draconian gunmageddon laws before they can take effect. We have been working hard to organize this massive effort. We have more than 300 locations around the state registered to provide petition signing locations. Many volunteers such as yourself have also stepped up to restore our 2A rights by either staffing these locations or collect signatures on their own.

We have partnered with the “Voters Organized to Engage” (V.O.T.E.) group for this step of our mission. They bring experience that we just don’t have. They are also a grass roots movement and were already promoting two initiatives when we joined them. The first is to require acceptance of digital signatures on petitions going forward and the second is to allow jury trial rights for child custody cases. More information on these initiatives will follow.

We are currently working to get county hubs operational. We need to establish a hub for every county to be responsible for distributing, receiving, counting petitions and overall support of locations and volunteers in the area. The locations must have enough space to handle petitions and volunteers working it. If you would like to recommend a location to be a county hub – and a person to lead it – please reach out to us.

We will be reaching back out to you as soon as the hubs are operational. In the meantime, please register a facebook account if you do not already have one. It can even be a temporary account for purposes of this effort. The FB account is needed to access the county V.O.T.E. group where volunteers will be collaborating.

The start of the petition drive has been scheduled for August 12! Please take this time now to review training material:

Thank you again for stepping up. We will be in touch!

Weird thing though, is I suddenly received THIS IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS:

Safety for All
Here’s what we’re looking at, friends: We only have about three months left to win this campaign and pass lifesaving gun reforms in California with Safety for All (appearing as Prop. 63 on the ballot). That means every minute matters, and we can’t fall behind even once.

Look, the NRA can’t believe somebody is actually standing up to them, and they’re doing everything they can to stop us from taking away their power. They won’t let up any time soon – so we can’t either. We need to have the resources to fight back against their ruthless attacks.

But right now, we’re 431 Founding Members short of where we need to be by Sunday.

I’m not willing to lose this, friends, not with lives literally at stake. So I’m asking personally: Donate today to become a Founding Member and make sure we hit every single benchmark between now and Election Day.

Thanks for being part of this. You’re going to be the difference in this fight, I mean it.


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