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Nicki made some points about things that made me search for more info and found this stuff

1. LGBT activists in the United States have also used Twitter to gain supporters. Activists’ remarkable success at reaching out to a broad community via Twitter has suggested that social media may be more effective in raising awareness, especially among youth, than traditional media.

2. Other social media campaigns by US-based LGBT activists to raise awareness for the cause, include an initiative started by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) which encouraged marriage equality supporters to change their Facebook profile picture to the HRC “equality” logo.

3. Youths and political activists around the world have been early adopters of social media, recognizing the personal and professional opportunities that platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have offered. Civil rights movements have followed in their wake, noting that social media excels at exactly what they need to do: identify, educate and mobilize diverse groups. The global LGBT community has used Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other platforms to shape people’s attitudes towards LGBT issues. Via social media, LGBT groups have offered support to members of the community, and have gathered together the critical mass of voices that is needed to effect change, such as the legalization of gay marriage in the United States.

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